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Rough Diffusion


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I`m starting not to care
what anyone else says
I really think this is it
The end,
the destruction of a corrupted mind
Now that nothing matters
why do I keep on trying?
Because this life is dying on me!

This mind no longer has peace
filling a corrupted mind
being the oppressed,
hating the oppressor!
Not much more that I can take,
now that nothing matters.....

I never really cared
and still thats true..
Though i`m the only one
who still cares for you
this mind is infrared
though my trust still goes on
like the shot from a gun
from my care
you are now shun


I will never understand you
though I will always try
My care shall disappear
as shall the blackened soul that you hold
that you hold!

Suicidal Mind

The insane thoughts of a disrupted mind...
Leaking into the knife which presses on his throat,
Suicide seems like the only answer....
Point that gun to your head
though you will only take it away...
Fear is the cause of the destroyed mind,
driven by the thought of death....
No more left to lose....
No reason to try and gain more,
the will to live has left you,
and as I help you along the way....
These words will be in my mind...
(and throughout yours too)

Nothing left to lose
(except my life)
Suicidal mind,
Endangering us all
Take the knife and finish,
What is in your mind...

No thoughts too cruel,
the master of torture....
No more reason to carry on,
the whip across my back,
the way its been since birth
causing me to unwind...
No care of anyone
(Or anything)
What is the point?
Of carrying on
after the whip is laid across my back
just wanna lay down and die!

(Chorus x2)

The new generation
(ever misunderstood)
No one even cares
(no matter how much they say)
The only one left is ourselves
(Rejected by our parents
Rejected by our family)
Hated forever!

The only thought the young generation knows
Bliss in ignorance
(our lives seem meaningless)
and careless as sh*t
(our lives are meaninless)
Like this whole damned world

All of our damned thoughts
shall ever be forgotten
(We matter to no one)
Nothing we say will ever be heard)
(because no one cares)
Everything I repeat
(one to many times)
Because our voices go unheard


The world will never know
(just how we think)
Nor do our parents
(just as you could suspect)
Thinking we are just a piece of sh*t
(Lying upon the street)
Dying from drugs
(and alcohol)
Dead though somehow alive
(Living upon this messed up world)
Asking things we will never know!

Death`s anthem

Heaving and holding......
the head of the lost....
One day is too much to bear
As the life fades from my veins.....
You`ll keep playing your games,
like you always do...
but this is the last time
I`ll be the victim of you....
The death wishes
you disbelieved,
but now you are the fool
and death shall catch you too....

Why must it end this way?
Life with its clock ticking away...
No more time to sit and play,
like you always do....

I thought,
for a time....
That you were the one for me..
Now my thoughts have been banished...
and my hatred shows
this is the last time
i`ll be the victim of your games
the clock has finally run out...
and yours ticks away too...

(Chorus x2)

No more thoughts left to be destroyed...
a mere memory,
is all that is left of me....
Just like we shall all be in death....