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Corpsemakers and Limit Break

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Welcome to the Corpsemakers And Limit Break Rpg pages....

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Right now I have built up a Few members for Limit Break. But I still direly need enemies for the tests,exams,SeeD mission,ect. If intrested just fill out the ff form and after your screen name type:


I`m sorry about all the Delays for finishing this site. I still have yet too put up the site for my Dbz Rpg"Corpsemakers"Also. That addition will be added in say a few days. The site is nowhere near finished though.... And if you want to join my rpg check the joining page and fill out the form for whichever one you wanna join."Limit Break Rpg" Is Final Fantasy. And "Corpsemakers" is as i stated Dragon Ball Z. Really There isn`t much else to say just come by often for updates with the members and items of the rpg`s.


Squall Leonheart